IBM-QuantaLab Quantum Computing School

Dates:  October 23 & 24

Location:  INL, Braga.

The IBM-QuantaLab School aims to provide both an overview to the current status of quantum computation as well as potential for applications of quantum computing.

The School includes the participation of 6 researchers from IBM Zurich, one of the world leading institutions in the fabrication of the first commercially available quantum computers, and several experts on different areas of Quantum Information, Condensed Matter Physics and Computer Science.

It is organized by IBM Research and QuantaLab, and sponsored by Nanogateway.

List of Speakers

Walter Riess, IBM Research-Zurich
Stefan Filipp, IBM Research-Zurich
Stefan Woerner, IBM Research-Zurich
Ivano Tavernelli, IBM Research-Zurich
Nikolaj Moll, IBM Research-Zurich
Panagiotis Barkoutsos, IBM Research-Zurich
Yasser Omar, IST, Lisboa
José Ignacio Latorre, U. Barcelona
Alexandru Baltag, U. Amsterdam
Eduardo Muciollo, U. Central Florida
Ernesto Galvão, UFF, Nitero
Pedro Miguel Cruz, INL &  U. Porto
Ronan Gauthier, INL &  U. Cambridge
José Nuno Oliveira Computer Science Department, Universidade de Minho
Ana Neri
, Computer Science Department, Universidade de Minho

Scientific Committee

J. Fernández-Rossier, INL (QuantaLab)
Luis Barbosa, U. Minho, INESCTEC (QuantaLab)
Nuno M. Peres, U. Minho (QuantaLab)
Stefan Filipp, IBM Research – Zurich
Ivano Tavernelli, IBM Research – Zurich
Stefan Woerner, IBM Research – Zurich

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