International Conference on Quantum Science and Technology at INL, October 22-24 (2019)

Next October 22-24  (2019)  the  International Coference on Quantum Science and Technology, will be  hold at the premises of INL, Braga, Portugal. The event will be supported by the   Nanogateway  Interreg project, within the series of Mission 10000 conferences.  Visit here the official website of the conference.

The International Conference of Quantum Science and Technology conference will bring together experts from  all over the world to present their latest results in the 4 following areas:

  •  Applied Quantum Computing &  Quantum Simulation
    (Quantum Computing in Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum Computers)
  • Quantum Sensing and Imaging
    (NV centers,  quantum imaging, etc)
  • Quantum Materials for quantum technologies
    Topological materials, Single photon emitters, Quantum plasmonics, 2D Materials for QT, etc.
  • Quantum Software engineering
    Quantum program calculi; quantum logics; engineering methods.

The scientific program  of the conference will have will have 4 types of  presentations:  Keynote Speakers talks, Invited Talks, Contributed Talks, Posters.

In addition, the conference will have a parallel session 1 day   workshop on  scientific Communications communication and a hands-on training session on quantum computing (3 hours).

How can you participate?

Participation is free of cost, but it is mandatory to register (For updated info, check the website)

1. You can submit an abstract to present a contributed talk or a poster.  If accepted, you can be eligible for a limited amount of travel support &  accommodation support.

2. You can register to attend the conference,

Important Dates:

June  15st: Call for abstracts opens

July 29st: Deadline for abstracts submission

July 30:  Acceptance decisions are communicated.

August 1-September 15 : Registration period

October 22-24:   Mission 10.000  Conference on Quantum Science and Technology is hold at INL, Braga, Portugal


Confirmed Invited and Keynote Speakers:

  • Samson Abramski, U. Oxford
  • Ramón Aguado,  ICMM CSIC
  • Ugo Del Lago, Bologna University
  • Juan  José García Ripoll, CSIC
  • Arturo García Saez, U.  Barcelona
  • Frank Koppens, ICFO
  • Jeanie Lau, UC Riverside
  • Rozema Lee, University of Viena
  • Asger Mortensen, SDU
  • Tatiana Rappoport,  FU  Rio de Janeiro
  • Fabio Sciarrino,  Sapienza Universita
  • Lucas Thiel, U. Basel
  • Roser Valenti, U. Frankfurt
  • Joachim von Zanthier, U. Erlangen



Scientific Committee:

  • Luis Soares Barbosa (U. Minho )
  • J. Fernández-Rossier (INL)
  • Ernesto Galvao (Universidad Federal Fluminense &  INL)
  •  Jana Nieder (INL)
  • Nuno Peres (U. Minho &  INL)
  • Francisco Rivadulla (U. Santiago de Compostela)

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