1st Workshop on Quantum Materials and Quantum Technologies



The first scientific event of  QuantaLab,  a workshop on Quantum Materials and Quantum Technologies,  took place last  September 13-14  (2016) at INL.  More than 70 researchers, mostly from INL and UM, attended the workshop.




TUESDAY, September 13, 2016

09:00     Registration

09:30     Opening remarks by the organizers
Fernández-Rossier (INL) and N. M. R. Peres (UMinho)

10:00     Quantum clicks: Hacking APDs and Making TES Detectors Fast
Invited Talk: Antia Lamas-Linares (TACC, U. Texas, Austin)


10:45     Dynamic Logics on-demand: perspectives and applications
Alexandre Madeira (DI UMinho, HASLab INESC TEC)

11:15     Coffee break

11:45     From quantum coherences in photosynthetic light-harvesting antennae to quantum wires and nanomagnetometry.
Jana Nieder (INL)

12:15     How vibrational degrees of freedom determine nanocrystal QD emission in the IR
Mikhail Vasilevskiy (DFIS UMinho)

12:45     LUNCH

14:30    Nanophotonics at the atomic scale.
Invited Talk: Francisco Javier García de Abajo (ICFO, Barcelona)

15:15     Core-shell plasmonic/semiconductor/magnetic nanoparticles: photophysics and environmental/biomedical applications
Paulo Coutinho (DFIS UMinho)

15:45     Quantum Information meets Condensed Matter: some new directions
Invited Talk: Yasser Omar    ( IST Lisboa)

16:15     Coffee break

16:45     Towards Categorial Quantum Physics
José Nuno Oliveira (DI UMinho, HASLab INESC TEC)

17:15     From Feynman to Stochastic optimization: a brief survey
Carlos Tavares (HASLab INESC TEC)

17:45 Quantum computing simulation
Rui Gonçalves (HASLab INESC TEC)



WEDNESDAY , September 14 2016

09:00     Exotic 2D Materials
Invited Talk: Andrés Castellanos-Gómez (IMDEA Nanociencia, Madrid)

09:45     Graphene devices for biosensing applications
Pedro Alpuim, (INL and UMinho)

10:15     Different ideas in electronic structure calculations
Ricardo Ribeiro (DFIS UMinho)

10:45     Coffee break

11:15     Advanced magnetic nanostructures as contrast agents for MRI applications
Manuel Bañobre (INL)

11:45     Chemistry & Quantum materials: possible contributions
Fernanda Proença (DQUIM UMinho)

12:15     Spatially Confined Ensembles of Nanocrystals
Yuri Kolenko (INL)

12:45     LUNCH

14:30     Spin–orbit-coupled graphene: a new model system for spintronics.
Invited Talk:  
Aires Ferreira, York University

15:15     Emergent electronic phases in oxide interfaces
Invited Talk:
 Victor Pardo ( Universidad de Santiago de Compostela)

15:45     Non-equilibrium Quantum Matter & Why It Matters?
Invited Talk: 
Pedro Ribeiro, (IST Lisboa)

16:15     Coffee break

16:45     Simulations of Quantum Processes in Complex Materials
Luí Silvino (DFIS UMinho)

17:15     Tuning of the magnetic-electric nanostructure response through strain interactions
Bernado Almeida (U. Minho)

17:45     Opening remarks by the organizers
               M. R. Peres (U. Minho)   and J. Fernández-Rossier (INL)