QuantaLab publications (inverse chronological order)


  1. Probing quantum coherence in single-atom electron spin resonance
    P. Willke, W. Paul, F. D. Natterer, K. Yang, Y. Bae, T.Choi, J. Fernández-Rossier,, A. J. Heinrich, and C. P. Lutz
    SCIENCE  ADVANCES  : Vol. 4, no. 2, eaaq1543 FEB 16  2018
  2. Magnetic field assisted transmission of THz waves through a graphene layer combined with a periodically perforated metallic film
    By: Bludov, Yu. V.; Vasilevskiy, M. I.; Peres, N. M. R.
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 97 Issue: 4 Article Number: 045433 Published: JAN 31 2018
  3. Adsorption of H-2, O-2, H2O, OH and H on monolayer MoS2
    Ferreira, F.; Carvalho, A.; Moura, I. J. M.; et al.
    JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER Volume: 30 Issue: 3 Article Number: 035003 Published: JAN 24 2018
  4. Scattering of graphene plasmons at abrupt interfaces: An analytic and numeric study
    Chaves, A. J.; Amorim, B.; Bludov, Yu. V.; et al.
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 97 Issue: 3 Article Number: 035434 Published: JAN 23 2018


  5. Hybridized Plasmons in 2D Nanoslits: From Graphene to Anisotropic 2D Materials
    By: Goncalves, P. A. D.; Xiao, Sanshui; Peres, N. M. R.; et al.
    ACS PHOTONICS Volume: 4 Issue: 12 Special Issue: SI Pages: 3045-3054 Published: DEC 2017
  6. Controlling Spoof Plasmons in a Metal Grating Using Graphene Surface Plasmons
    Dias, Eduardo J. C.; Peres, N. M. R.
    ACS PHOTONICS Volume: 4 Issue: 12 Special Issue: SI Pages: 3071-3080 Published: DEC 2017
  7. Engineering the Eigenstates of Coupled Spin-1/2 Atoms on a Surface
    Yang, Kai; Bae, Yujeong; Paul, William; et al.
    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Volume: 119 Issue: 22 Article Number: 227206 Published: NOV 29 2017
  8. Hydrodynamic model approach to the formation of plasmonic wakes in graphene
    Chaves, A. J.; Peres, N. M. R.; Smirnov, G.; et al.
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 96 Issue: 19 Article Number: 195438 Published: NOV 28 2017
  9. Exchange mechanism for electron paramagnetic resonance of individual adatoms
    Lado, J. L.; Ferron, A.; Fernandez-Rossier, J.
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 96 Issue: 20 Article Number: 205420 Published: NOV 13 2017
  10. Impact of Graphene on the Polarizability of a Neighbour Nanoparticle: A Dyadic Green’s Function Study
    Amorim, B.; Goncalves, P. A. D.; Vasilevskiy, M. I.; et al.
    APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL Volume: 7 Issue: 11 Article Number: 1158 Published: NOV 2017
  11. Electrical detection of individual skyrmions in graphene devices
    Finocchiaro, F.; Lado, J. L.; Fernandez-Rossier, J.
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 96 Issue: 15 Article Number: 155422 Published: OCT 9 2017
  12. Thickness dependence of microstructure in thin La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 films grown on (100) SrTiO3 substrate
    Mirzadeh Vaghefi, P.; Baghizadeh, A.; Willinger, M-G; et al.
    JOURNAL OF PHYSICS D-APPLIED PHYSICS Volume: 50 Issue: 39 Article Number: 395301 Published: OCT 4 2017
  13. Rodrigues, Ana Rita O.; Mendes, Pedro M. F.; Silva, Pedro M. L.; et al.
    COLLOIDS AND SURFACES B-BIOINTERFACES   Volume: 158   Pages: 460-468   Published: OCT 1 2017
  14. Improvements in the GW and Bethe-Salpeter-equation calculations on phosphorene
    Ferreira, F.; Ribeiro, R. M.
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 96 Issue: 11 Article Number: 115431 Published: SEP 18 2017
  15. Raman and IR-ATR spectroscopy studies of heteroepitaxial structures with a GaN: C top layer
    Cerqueira, M. F.; Vieira, L. G.; Alves, A.; et al.
    JOURNAL OF PHYSICS D-APPLIED PHYSICS Volume: 50 Issue: 36 Article Number: 365103 Published: SEP 13 2017
  16. Electrically Controllable Magnetism in Twisted Bilayer Graphene
    Gonzalez-Arraga, Luis A.; Lado, J. L.; Guinea, Francisco; et al.
    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Volume: 119 Issue: 10 Article Number: 107201 Published: SEP 5 2017
  17. On the origin of magnetic anisotropy in two dimensional CrI3
    Lado, J. L.; Fernandez-Rossier, J.
    2D MATERIALS Volume: 4 Issue: 3 Article Number: 035002 Published: SEP 2017
  18. Interface Engineering in Nanostructured Nickel Phosphide Catalyst for Efficient and Stable Water Oxidation
    Xu, Junyuan; Wei, Xian-Kui; Costa, Jose Diogo; et al.
    ACS CATALYSIS Volume: 7 Issue: 8 Pages: 5450-5455 Published: AUG 2017
  19. Escape of a vector matter-wave soliton from a parabolic trap
    Bludov, Yuliy V.; Garcia-Nustes, Monica A.
    JOURNAL OF PHYSICS B-ATOMIC MOLECULAR AND OPTICAL PHYSICS Volume: 50 Issue: 13 Article Number: 135004 Published: JUL 14 2017
  20. Anomalous magnetism in hydrogenated graphene
    By: Garcia-Martinez, N. A.; Lado, J. L.; Jacob, D.; Fernández-Rossier, J
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 96 Issue: 2 Article Number: 024403 Published: JUL 5 2017
  21. Universal description of channel plasmons in two-dimensional materials
    Goncalves, P. A. D.; Bozhevolnyi, Sergey I.; Mortensen, N. Asger; et al.
    OPTICA Volume: 4 Issue: 6 Pages: 595-600 Published: JUN 20 2017
  22. Excitonic effects in the optical properties of 2D materials: An equation of motion approach
    André Chaves, Ricardo Ribeiro, Tobias Frederico and Nuno M. R. Peres
    2D Materials,  5 April 2017
  23. Emergence of quasiparticle Bloch states in artificial crystals crafted atom-by-atom
    By: Girovsky, Jan; Lado, Jose L.; Kalff, Floris E.;  Lucas J. J. M. Peters, J. Fernández-Rossier, A. F. Otte
    SCIPOST PHYSICS Volume: 2 Issue: 3 Article Number: UNSP 020 Published: MAY-JUN 2017
  24. Gating Classical Information Flow via Equilibrium Quantum Phase Transitions
    Leonardo Banchi, Joaquín Fernández-Rossier, Cyrus F. Hirjibehedin, and Sougato Bose
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 147203 – Published 5 April 2017
  25. RKKY oscillations in the spin relaxation rates of atomic-scale nanomagnets
    F. Delgado and J. Fernández-Rossier
    Phys. Rev. B 95, 075413 (2017)
  26. Electronic transport in gadolinium atomic-size contacts
    B. Olivera, C. Salgado, J. L. Lado, A. Karimi, V. Henkel, E. Scheer, J. Fernández-Rossier, J. J. Palacios, and C. Untiedt
    Phys. Rev. B 95, 075409 (2017) – Published 8 February 2017
  27. Spin decoherence of magnetic atoms on surfaces
    F. Delgado and J. Fernández-Rossier
    Progress in Surface Science 92, Issue 1, February 2017, Pages 40–82


  28. Quantum spin Hall effect in rutile-based oxide multilayers
    Jose L. Lado, Daniel Guterding, Paolo Barone, Roser Valentí, and Victor Pardo
    Phys. Rev. B 94, 235111 – Published 5 December 2016
  29. Modeling the excitation of graphene plasmons in periodic grids of graphene ribbons: An analytical approach
    P. A. D. Gonçalves, E. J. C. Dias, Yu. V. Bludov, and N. M. R. Peres
    Phys. Rev. B 94, 195421 – Published 14 November 2016