QuantaLab is devoted to do research in Quantum materials and Quantum Technologies.

Quantum materials (QM)  is a rather broad and loosely defined label to put under the same umbrella materials that present electronic order (superconductors, magnets), or materials whose electronic properties are linked to non-generic quantum effects, such as topological insulators, Dirac electron systems such as graphene, as well as systems whose collective properties are governed by genuinely quantum behavior, such as cold atoms , exicton polaritons and so on.

In contrast, the label Quantum Technologies (QT), taken into the context of the so called second quantum revolution, and the flagship program on Quantum Technologies, and the UK initiative on quantum technologies, have a very strict definition: technologies that exploit quantum superposition and/or entanglement as resources.

The flagship program is being articulated around 5 pillars:

• Quantum sensors. These are sensors based on a quantum system, such as an individual spin, whose performance improves as their coherence time T2 increases

• Quantum communications.

• Quantum simulators

• Quantum computers.

• Quantum Information theory

In this context,  QuantaLab has  chosen  a few specific lines of action both in QT and QM, including: